Foster Center for Student Innovation


Anya Rose Productions

Anya Rose

Anya Rose Productions is a documentary film company that aims to make science more accessible to the public by combining it with visual art and storytelling. Many scientists are required to have a "public outreach" component to their project in order to receive federal funding. Anya Rose Productions hopes to fill this niche. Her most recent project entitled, "Tracking the Tracker," tells the story of two groups of animal trackers who are testing their knowledge in a special evaluation. A good score on the evaluation allows an animal tracker to have more credibility in contributing to biological studies and conservation efforts. Anya's background in both film and environmental science allows her to tell the stories of scientists and their research in a more effective manner.

Body Guard Fitness

Spencer Wood
Spencer, a graduate student at the University of Maine, got the idea for his business while playing for the UMaine football team as an undergrad. The idea became the Body Guard Fitness, a product that helps an on-the-go person stay active, anywhere, anytime. “This revolutionary product in full-body fitness and mobility will transform the fitness industry and bodies alike,” Wood says. “It is a unique combination of push-up grip and resistance-band technologies that come together to provide a comprehensive and demanding full-body workout.” In May 2013, Wood was the runner-up in the UMaine Business Challenge; a competition that looks to provide collegiate entrepreneurs with the support necessary to transform their business dreams into reality. Wood won $1,000, as well as patent and law consulting for his business. Since his success at the challenge, Wood has worked with some of the judges of the UMaine Business Challenge, as well as the UMaine Foster Center for Student Innovation.

Campus Bands

James Gilmore

The Campus Bands Compilation is an album created to highlight the exceptional talents of student musicians at the University of Maine. It features diverse musical styles to fit the taste of any listener. James Gilmore created the first Campus Bands Compilation in the summer of 2009 to be released for purchase at the Campus Bookstore, Bull Moose Music in Bangor, and iTunes this fall. Working with local partners, James was able to professionally produce the album and even supply each band with their first professional demo.

Consumer Energy Research Corporation

William Sulinski

This UMaine graduate created Heat-Safe 1000, a remote sensing device for home-heating oil tanks that provides oil retailers with remote notification of low-oil and low-temperature alarms. It enables oil retailers to decrease their cost of delivering oil significantly.

Dusty's Toys

Austin Kidder
Austin, an undergraduate student at the University of Maine, started making premium dog toys when he was nine years old. Austin created his first prototype with his grandfather, a retired mechanical engineer. Realizing that Dusty, his grandparent’s dog, and other local dogs alike loved the designs, Austin began selling his first toys at a local dog park. That’s when Austin officially became an entrepreneur, creating his business and naming it Dusty’s Toys in honor of his grandparent’s dog. Austin’s sales and buyers have increased exponentially since then. In 2013, Austin participated in the New England Products Tradeshow. He is the youngest vendor on record, and has gained many new buyers throughout New England and New York through his participation. “I never imagined Dusty’s Toys would turn out to be as large as it has become,” Austin says. “I now have seven styles of dog toys. I sell through trade shows, online, in craft fairs and directly by retail. My toys are now in over 30 stores all throughout New England.”

Farmers' Group Bio-Energy

Jeremy Labbe & Adam Paradis

Farmers' Group intends to use waste agricultural materials, including cull potatoes, to produce ethanol. Jeremy and Adam were winners of the 2007 Bioproducts Business Competition at the Foster Center for Student Innovation. Adam grew up on a potato farm in Frenchville, Maine and recently graduated from UMaine with a degree in agribusiness management. Jeremy is a civil engineering graduate student at UMaine.

Flannel Magazine

Sean Collinson & Travis Bourassa

Flannel is a semi-monthly publication dedicated to Maine arts and culture run by Travis Bourassa and Sean Collinson. The goal is to expose readers to the cultural significance of Maine life including the great outdoors, the creativity and the do-it-yourself attitude. The magazine is composed of photos, drawings, journalism, and interviews with Maine artists. The contents are submitted by local artists and writers, and portray Maine as more than just lobsters, tourism, and lighthouse paintings.

Forever Green Laminates, LLC

Gilliad Munden & Jeffrey Dunham

This company is positioning itself to be an innovator in the manufacturing and installation of Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs). SIPs provide an alternative to traditional, stick-framed housing that is stronger and much more energy efficient. Jeff and Gilliad are working with the help of the Advanced Engineered Wood Composites (AEWC) Center and the Advanced Manufacturing Center (AMC).

Intelligent Spatial Technologies

Chris Frank

IST's mission is to provide a full range of integrated navigation, wayfinding, traveling, and information services that give the user control of when, where, and what kind of information is provided. The company has a strong background in spatial information research combined with over five years of experience in software design and development, and maintains strong links with UMaine. Chris Frank founded IST in April 2003 as an opportunity to realize the commercial potential of the innovative technology developed during his Master's research. He was recently awarded Maine's 2006 Young Entrepreneur of the Year by the Small Business Administration.

Knife Edge Productions

Sheridan Kelley & Nathan Hankla

A digital video company founded by two UMaine students, Knife Edge combines the latest video hardware and software with artistic talents and innovative visions. They have worked on a variety of projects including a series of documentaries for the Maine International Trade Center's annual Trade Day Awards ceremony, and recently completed a music video for "Fenway Girls", an original song by Rockland native Eric Wass. They are currently working on a video to accompany the Governor's trade missions overseas in an effort to help Maine attract foreign investments and encourage international business development.


Hasan Adi

LabelTop is a product developed with the help of the Foster Innovation Center. LabelTop is a fun, intuitive system for finding and accessing your files and folders. It allows a person's most recent work to be right at their fingertips. They work with a variety of software. Usually they find something that people want or would like to have. If nobody else has made it yet, they build it.

Local Food Solutions

Justin Jamison & Brooks Einstein

Local Food Solutions is a value added food processor that networks with local family farms to brand, process, and distribute their farm product. By providing this service LFS creates value two fold. Local family farms can receive a higher price for their product and maintain their farms identity throughout the supply chain, and consumer has easy access to local food and the piece of mind where it came from. LFS won the 2008 Green Products Business Plan Writing Competition and is currently working with a local organic dairy farm to pasteurize and bottle their milk.


Sky Mayhew & James Daniels 

MarginLeft is developing an innovative new system for delivering online education. This platform allows teachers to easily deliver any form of media to anybody with the Internet. It includes multi-format podcasting, video conversion, and media galleries.

Market My Menu

Charles Drew & Calvin Bishop

Market My Menu is the website solution that restaurant owners have been looking for. Our software allows restaurant owners an exciting new way to create their online presence with the ability to track their customer base. It also allows them to send their promotional items (specials, newsletters and coupons) via email and text messages to their customers. All of this is accomplished through a web based control panel that only requires a knowledge of how to fill out forms and the ability to navigate the Web.

Pell Innovations

Jacob Pelletier

In 2003 UMaine graduate Jacob Pelletier formed Pell Innovations to serve as a vehicle for the commercialization of new ideas and innovations for a healthier planet.

RE Consulting

Rory Eckardt

RE Consulting LLC is a forestry business specializing in forest operations and transportation. The purpose of the services provided by RE Consulting LLC is to enable and support informed decision making in forest operations and transportation activities (i.e., all activities involved with processing and transporting trees from the forest location to the milling location: harvesting, product break-down, loading and unloading, and transport).

Ryan Beaumont

Ryan offers engineering design automation solutions by developing custom add-ons and third-party applications for CAD, CAM, Finite Element (FE), and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software.

Sea & Reef Aquaculture, LLC

Søren Hansen

UMaine PhD student Søren Hansen is researching breeding tropical fish for the retail market. UMaine is providing the lab space for the research and the Student Innovation Center is providing the business development assistance necessary to commercialize this research.


Jennifer Hooper

Spark! collects ideas from community members and then explores and supports those ideas that help make communities more vibrant.  Spark! fosters strong relationships among community members, municipalities, small businesses, artists, and other stakeholders.  Spark! is focused on Bangor region.  The initiative is run by Jennifer Hooper, a grad student completing an Intermedia Master of Fine Arts, who is also seeking non-profit status for Spark! 

Stillwater Poster Co.

James Beaupre & Nate Wildes

Stillwater Poster Company was founded in November 2011 by two University of Maine students, James Beaupre and Nate Wildes, with the purpose and vision of providing students on campus a commercial outlet for their art.  Beginning with photographs and expanding soon to 2D prints of other art mediums, each sale directly supports the artist–and an additional 10% goes directly to a scholarship fund at the University of Maine to benefit the arts.

Strong Mind-Strong Body, Inc.

Roosevelt Boone

Strong Body, Strong Mind, Inc. was started by Roosevelt Boone as an undergrad at UMaine while playing football and earning his degree in kinesiology and physical education with a concentration in teaching and coaching. Since graduation, he has decided to stay at UMaine and work toward getting a Master's in Counselor Education. As a fourth year running back for the UMaine football team, Boone certainly knows the importance of a healthy lifestyle. However, it was only after working as a counselor at various sports camps on the UMaine campus that he started to wonder how many kids are deprived of the opportunity to attend these types of camps that promote physical activity and youth wellness. More information at


Jared Worful

SymBio has successfully cultured the "Solar-Powered Sea Slug" Elysia chlorotica, which immediately engages its audience with its brilliant green color and uncanny resemblance to a leaf. The sea slug is unique because, unlike any other group of animals, it is able to live by carrying out photosynthesis with chloroplasts it acquires and retains by feeding on algae. SymBio plans to market the organism to saltwater aquarium keepers.

Thermoelectric Systems, LLC

Travis Wallace

Travis Wallace from Crawford, Maine is a graduate student in Mechanical Engineering and owner of Thermoelectric Power Systems, LLC (TPS). TPS focuses on waste heat recovery through the use of thermoelectric materials primarily for the marine industry. Starting with his work at the Maine Maritime Academy as an undergrad and now as a grad student at UMaine Travis and his team have built a fully functioning marine prototype. Using just the electricity generate from the exhaust system of the boat he was able make enough power to run a full size LCD tv! Travis has recently received both a Libra Future Fund grant as well as a Navy STTR grant in partnership with Concepts NREC to look at using his system on Navy ships. 

Through Thick and Thin

John & Christine Carney
Through Thick and Thin was started in November 2012 by husband and wife team John and Christine Carney. John is a graduate student in the Intermedia MFA program and Christine is an undergraduate student working on her second bacherlors degree in Animal Science and Zoology! From fun and funky cupcake toppers to ornaments and jewerly they have something for everyone. Check them out online:

Tip Whip

Tip Whip is a free ride sharing service for college students. We pair approved and responsible drivers with students who need rides. Tip Whippin is based on gratitude rather than price. Technically free, drivers make money through gas donations by pleased riders.

Spencer Wood, CEO

I'm a twenty-four year-old graduate student in the final semester of my Master's Program in Human Development at the University of Maine.  I am currently a tenant of the University's Innovation Center, a Black Bear Mentor for a twelve year old boy, coordinator of the peer education group entitled Male Athletes Against Violence, a teaching assistant for Dr. Sandy Caron, and the Outreach and Professional Development officer for the graduate student government.  In 2009, I was recruited by the University of Maine's NCAA football team as a preferred walk on, without an athletic scholarship.  As a true freshman, I achieved my goal of earning an athletic scholarship through extreme discipline, determination, and devotion to my team and course work. In 2013, I graduated with a major in Communications and another in Family Relations with a minor in Peace and Reconciliation Studies.


Tisici Technologies

Brian Harvey & Chris Gennaro

Brian Harvey, head of operations and co-founder, is a Management student from Wayland, Massachusetts. In addition to starting Tisici Technologies, he is a place-kicker on UMaine's football team. Christopher Gennaro, head of marketing and co-founder, is a Marketing student from Saco, Maine. Chris is also a member of the UMaine football team. He plays punter for the Black Bears. Tisici Technologies has created a social and academic calendar that allows users to subscribe to and share schedules with peers, colleagues, and group members.


Zachary Gregory, Orry Berce & Randika Rodrigo

During one uneventful summer day the guys began to conceive possible business ideas stringing from bars to DVD distribution centers. Finally one idea stood taller than all the others and it became the focus of all their attention. UMU was born.


Nathan Hankla

UMaine graduate student Hankla founded versionZero, a new media development company. Versionzero is full service design studio that loves to work on new and interesting projects. They focus on getting to know you and your needs so they can get the best possible product out the door for you. They work in the media that best fits your needs, from web to print or large scale displays.

Yo Bon, LLC

Jason Bolton, Shari Baxter & Cathy Billings

Yo Bon has evolved from an award winning University of Maine Food Science and Human Nutrition product development class. They are embarking upon the commercialization of "the health savvy indulgence" - a delicious pairing of luscious dark chocolate and creamy wild Maine blueberry yogurt in Yo Bon Blueberry Bites. While delivering a decadent, luxurious taste Yo Bons also provide a powerful punch of antioxidants and calcium as well as probiotics and fiber.