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Engineers Without Borders

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Engineers Without Borders UMaine (EWB-UM) is open to all students who want to help communities worldwide in sustainability and improving quality of life. EWB-UM is a chapter of the Engineers Without Borders-USA (EWB-USA), which is a national organization with over 12,000 members. EWB believes in building a stronger community for the future. Currently, the project EWB-UM is working on is in Dulce Vivir, Honduras. It is a small community with poor sanitary solutions. The lack of water to the community is contributing to health concerns and harm to the environment. EWB-UM has gone to Honduras many times now to learn about the community and collect information for the system.

The first year, students and professional mentors went to Honduras; they looked at where to construct and how to implement the project. They grew a relationship with the Honduran people and helped them understand the construction process of the project. They designed a drainage system that can prevent runoff to the town from the hills. When the system is in place they do not plan to just leave it, they will be training individuals from the town to be able to fix it if anything happens. They also agreed to help for at least five years for technical support. Learn more at

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