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Engineers Without Borders

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Engineers Without Borders UMaine (EWB-UM) is open to all students who want to help communities worldwide in sustainability and improving quality of life. EWB-UM is a chapter of the Engineers Without Borders-USA (EWB-USA), which is a national organization with over 12,000 members. EWB believes in building a stronger community for the future. Currently, the project EWB-UM is working on is in Dulce Vivir, Honduras. It is a small community with poor sanitary solutions. The lack of water to the community is contributing to health concerns and harm to the environment. EWB-UM has gone to Honduras many times now to learn about the community and collect information for the system.

The first year, students and professional mentors went to Honduras; they looked at where to construct and how to implement the project. They grew a relationship with the Honduran people and helped them understand the construction process of the project. They designed a drainage system that can prevent runoff to the town from the hills. When the system is in place they do not plan to just leave it, they will be training individuals from the town to be able to fix it if anything happens. They also agreed to help for at least five years for technical support. Learn more at

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Strong Mind-Strong Body, Inc.


Strong Body, Strong Mind, Inc. was started by Roosevelt Boone as an undergrad at UMaine while playing football and earning his degree in kinesiology and physical education with a concentration in teaching and coaching. Since graduation, he has decided to stay at UMaine and work toward getting a Master's in Counselor Education. As a fourth year running back for the UMaine football team, Boone certainly knows the importance of a healthy lifestyle. However, it was only after working as a counselor at various sports camps on the UMaine campus that he started to wonder how many kids are deprived of the opportunity to attend these types of camps that promote physical activity and youth wellness. That is when he decided to start Strong Mind-Strong Body Inc., which has applied for and is awaiting 501-C3 status.

The organization vision statement reads, "We believe a wellness and nutrition organization should be about more than just making money, it should be about responsibility and public good." Boone is honoring this vision by offering summer camps, first in Maine and then across the country, that focus on sports, wellness, nutrition, health, and hygiene. Campers are ages 10-17 and come from households that meet the Department of Health and Human Services income guidelines. Since campers are able to attend free of charge, the majority of Strong Ming-Strong Body Inc.'s funding comes from grants and private donations. More information at

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Through Thick and Thin

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Through Thick and Thin was started in November 2012 by husband and wife team John and Christine Carney. John is a graduate student in the Intermedia MFA program and Christine is an undergraduate student working on her second bacherlors degree in Animal Science and Zoology! From fun and funky cupcake toppers to ornaments and jewerly they have something for everyone. Check them out online:

How they describe themselves and their business:

We are born makers, shakers and motivators! We love to collaborate to bring you awesome acrylic supplies, ornaments and jewelry. We started Thick & Thin because we always knew that we wanted to be able to work together on a project that could highlight both of our talents. Christine loves anything little and cute and loves to share what she knows with the world. I love to solve problems and help people with any artistic or technological endeavor they're looking to accomplish. Together we curate, design and create all of the pieces you see in our shop. We hope to continue to create new and exciting designs.

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