Foster Center for Student Innovation

Teach Innovation Engineering on Your Campus

Innovation Engineering is available for licensing to higher education institutions as the complete four course sequence and may only be taught by certified trained faculty.

Licensing fees include all necessary faculty training, course materials, an online course portal, and ongoing support for the duration of the license.

Create1. Create

As the first course in the program, it teaches a systematic approach to creativity and idea generation. This course serves as the foundation for one's understanding of how to generate innovative ideas in any field.

communicate2. Communicate

This second course combines elements of several disciplines: the clarity of professional writing, the precision of technical writing, and the expressiveness of creative writing. Students learn to communicate the benefit, the uniqueness, and the credibility of a concept.

commercialize3. Commercialize

In this third class, students learn the most efficient and cost effective ways to test ideas. Topics include sales forecasting, consumer surveys, patent searching, provisional patent writing, prototyping, business models and some elements of market research and funding.

experience4. Experience

Through weekly case studies and in rapidly changing peer teams, students generate ideas, articulate innovations through writing, and research potential technologies and markets in the context of real-world businesses or nonprofit organizations. Through this process students will learn to lead innovation systems for generating and implementing new ideas in a wide range of organizations.

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Our Students are Talking...

"On a recent education job interview, I was asked about my experience with Innovation Engineering. This question provided a great opportunity for me to showcase my Innovation Engineering learning and my ability to think differently and problem solve within an educational setting. The skills I developed through Innovation Engineering gave me a competitive edge over the other candidates because I have the ability to think on my feet and critically analyze problems that need a fresh approach for creating solutions."

Emily Albee, M.Ed. in Middle Level Social Studies