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BxG Innovate for Maine Fellows Program 

The Blackstone Accelerates Growth (BxG) Innovate for Maine Fellows program connects the best and brightest Maine college students with Maine’s most exciting, growing companies and business leaders in an effort to help grow and create jobs across the state of Maine. Emphasizing innovation and entrepreneurship, the program prepares student fellows to collaborate with companies on innovation projects that accelerate company growth and give students a paid, meaningful, hands-on internship experience.

Company Benefits

Companies from across the state of Maine are invited to apply to engage a fellow for an internship experience. If selected, companies receive help from the best and brightest Maine college students. Selected companies are those that demonstrate an interest in innovation, a desire for scalable growth, and will provide fellows with a meaningful learning experience.

Innovate for Maine Fellows have the ability to:

• Conduct market research and customer surveys to identify innovation opportunities

• Generate ideas to leverage market opportunities

• Write marketing messages and innovation descriptions

• Run "fail fast, fail cheap" experiments, such as working on prototypes and sales forecasts to determine innovation feasibility

Fellow Availability

Some fellows are tasked with assisting only one company and may either work on site, or at the University of Maine or one of our partner organizations.  Other fellows work on projects for multiple companies and are based at the University of Maine but may be available for company visits. 

Over the summer, fellows will be available to work 200 or 400-hour internships.  During the academic year, fellows will be available to work on projects during each semester. 


Prior to working with selected companies, fellows receive training in innovation and entrepreneurship to enable them to work effectively with companies on growth projects. Specifically, they are trained in Innovation Engineering, the University of Maine's ground-breaking new innovation program.  Through this training they will learn how to develop business models, customer surveys, and write customer messages. They will have the ability to create ideas for innovations and test them using "fail fast, fail cheap" experiments.

Selected fellows will be employees of the University of Maine and will report to their UMaine supervisor in addition to the company contact.  Prior to the start of the internship, we will develop a work plan in consultation with the company contact and selected fellow. (A sample work plan can be seen here.) Previous projects have included market research, competitive analysis, and digital marketing. 

Blackstone Accelerates Growth

The Innovate for Maine program is subsidized by Blackstone Accelerates Growth.  The percentage of the student stipend that the company pays is based on the size of the company. Companies pay a percentage of the hourly pay, currently $12/hour, for the time that intern devotes to the project based on the criteria below.

500+ employees, pay 100%

250-499 employees, pay 75%

50-249 employees, pay 50%

10-49 employees, pay 25%

1-9 employees, pay 10%

Blackstone Accelerates Growth is an initiative designed to help Maine entrepreneurs leading start-up and existing companies get the coaching and training that they need to accelerate their growth.  Blackstone Accelerates Growth will strengthen Maine’s culture of entrepreneurship and create a more vibrant and statewide system of support that helps companies create good jobs and grow revenue.

We are now accepting applications for the Fall 2014 semester. Click here to apply now. 

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