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Jump start ConfferenceThe University of Maine, in partnership with Doug Hall's Eureka! Ranch, has developed an intensive Innovation Engineering coaching program to help an individual company (or a small group of related industry partners) generate and commercialize innovative ideas.

These sessions begin with a one-day session in which trained facilitators help companies generate several ideas for new products and services. In the same day, the facilitator teaches the "fail fast, fail cheap" process for commercializing innovations and assists with the development of action plans for moving the most promising ideas forward.

The session is followed by a month of weekly coaching to help the company test the feasibility and viability of the innovation so that its management team can make an informed decision about whether to continue commercialization of their selected ideas.

This process has also been used to help companies that already have new product ideas develop innovative business models and marketing messages as well as refine their commercialization plan so that they are implementing a "fail fast, fail cheap" approach. The goal is to give companies some quick successes in implementing innovations and to give them a framework for developing and testing new product and service ideas in the future.

For more information contact Renee Kelly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (207) 581-1401

In Their Own Words

"The Jump Start Program is a unique approach that helps businesses leverage the knowledge, expertise and resources they have to identify evaluate and assess innovative product ideas. This program provides a structure that helps ensure that business spend their resources and time on efforts that have the best probability of succeeding and ultimately meeting their desired business goal.

Utilizing the Jump Start Program allowed our business to quickly identify which new product idea was most likely to succeed and gave us the confidence to invest, develop and market a successful new product that now contributes to sustainable growth of our company."

Kenneth G. Priest II, P.E.
Kenway Corporation